The Battle Of Boat - 2018
Jack and the Beanstalk - 2015
YeHa - 2016
Theseus - 2018
Mrs Leaf - 2013
Splash - 2013
Danny Hero - 2017
Placebo - 2017
Super Stan - 2017


Katie started her Stage Stars experience in 2011 at the age of 7 and has been involved in 23 Stage Stars performances. During her time at Stage Stars she has taken on roles such as lead female Kyra in Danny Hero, Goldilocks in Porridge, and narrator Chip in our hugely successful American themed musical Ye Ha.

In 2018, Katie applied to become a Student Leader, where she began to start training in the various elements needed to be a member of staff.

Soon after, due to her hard work, Katie became a Senior Leader, where she was responsible for leading the team creating all of the props for the Children's Group production.

Katie recently successfully applied to join the staffing team at Stage Stars. Katie is working with our children's group as a mentor and emerging practitioner.