Danny Hero - 2017
Mrs Leaf - 2013
YeHa - 2016
Theseus - 2018
Splash - 2013
The Battle Of Boat - 2018
Super Stan - 2017
Placebo - 2017
Jack and the Beanstalk - 2015


After spending our first 3 years working with 3 mixed age groups we realised to offer our young people the best possible chance for development we needed to cater classes to their individual needs. As such since 2005 we have specific groups to give our students top quality tuition.

Our Childrens Group caters for students aged 5 - 11, our Junior Group caters for students aged 11 - 16, and our Youth Group for students aged 13+.

While we do keep loosely to these arrangements we are of course flexible to allow siblings who are only a few years apart stay in the same groups.

Due to our popularity we also have students who attend more then one group, which again can be discussed on an individual basis.

We call our students our Stagelings which, along with our name, is a registered trademark.