Placebo - 2017
YeHa - 2016
The Battle Of Boat - 2018
Mrs Leaf - 2013
Splash - 2013
Theseus - 2018
Super Stan - 2017
Danny Hero - 2017
Jack and the Beanstalk - 2015


Stage Stars classes run throughout the year during school term time. Each of our three terms contains roughly 11 sessions, with an additional 5 session during each groups 'show week' which normally takes place during the weeks before May Half Term.


Our Terms
Start Date
Half Term Break
End Date
Autumn Term
6th September
25th October
16th December
Spring Term
3rd January
21st February
7th April
Summer Term
25th April
30th May
14th July


Our provisional show dates for 2021/2022:
Pantomime from Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th December 2021
Team Stage Show from Sunday 15th May to Saturday 21st May 2022
Team Stars Show from Sunday 15th May to Saturday 21st May 2022
Summer School from Monday 25th July to Friday 29th July 2022